We deliver to EU countries

If you are interested in having our products delivered to your country, please contact our customer service and we will gladly tell you the postal fee for your country.
If you´d like to have your orded delivered to Slovakia, please contact directly our e-shop in Slovakia at info@havlikovaapoteka.sk.
If you´d like to have your order delivered to Switzerland, please contact directly our partner at petra@apotekahavlik.ch.
Unfortunately, we do not deliver to Norway.

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your HPA team.

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Some of the herbs we use are grown by ourselves in eco-gardens in the Podblanicko region. Of course, there are no chemicals applied on the plants but plenty of love and understanding of Nature and the herbs. We know what they like and what they don’t like and when is the best time to harvest in order to ensure optimum concentrations of active substances. All our plants are cultivated in bio or eco regimes – i.e. in line with principles of environmentally friendly farming.
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What is the difference between bio honey and conventional honey?
The bio honey label is used for honey of the highest quality. It is produced by bees in the natural habitats free of the effects of farming or in protected areas. Honey bee colonies are placed in hives made from natural materials and managed in a natural way letting them to collect enough resources for winter survival as well as the annual development cycles.
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