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A package of the most popular and best-selling skin care products. Awaken in your skin a juiciness and an aura of irresistible beauty that will make you unforgettable.

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Six of our customers' most popular products in one package.
We know what you really need, what pleases you, what smells good to you, what brightens your look and mood. You'll love the treatment, cleansing and moisturizing products in this pack and want to pamper yourself with them every day.

The package includes:

  • Hebká tvářička 100 ml
  • Vavřínové mýdlo
  • Krásná paní 30 ml
  • Havlíkův přírodní zázrak 10 ml
  • Pečující ranní maska 30 ml
  • Sametové pohlazení 50 ml

Odličovací maska Hebká tvářička 
The oils contained in this emulsion will provide the gentlest and most thorough make-up removal you can give your skin. Oils are able to gently dissolve and perfectly bind all impurities, which you simply rinse off afterwards. Enjoy the feeling of nourished and soft skin.

Vavřínové mýdlo
Nourishing and moisturizing laurel soap for the care of the skin and the skin of the whole body. The unique composition of rare oils and laurel extracts nourishes and deeply hydrates the skin.

Havlíkův přírodní zázrak
Our first and best-selling product, which acts as a preserver of youth, helps revitalize, regenerate and nourish the skin. It is a versatile organic ointment made from 11 of the most powerful nourishing and healing ingredients from nature in the highest organic quality.

Krásná paní
Bio cream with the active substance ELIX-IR™ to protect the skin against IR radiation, which causes strong aging of the skin, day and night use. A clinical study was carried out with ELIX-IR™ (extract from the herb of bird's eye cranberry) and the ability to protect tissues against photoaging - aging of the skin due to radiation was found.

Pečující ranní maska
The mask works in just 3 minutes - the first minute cleans, the second nourishes and hydrates, the third closes the pores. Why is it necessary to clean the skin in the morning? The reason is the self-cleansing process, during which the skin eliminated excess oil and impurities from the previous day overnight. The morning mask gives your skin a perfect start, supplies it with vitamins and nourishes it.

Sametové pohlazení
Cleansing skin balm. Sensitive skin requires caressing, creamy consistency and natural care every day. Treat yourself to a balm for your face and soul.

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