We actively contribute to improving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint

10. 07. 2023

By joining Havlíkova Apotéka in the EKO-KOM packaging waste sorting and recycling system, we are helping to reduce the production of greenhouse gases and to protect the environment more.

Thanks to our contribution, the take-back and recycling of 10 tons of packaging waste was ensured in 2022.

  • These wastes filled 7 collection vehicles.
  • Our share in the total reduction of greenhouse gas production was 19 tons of CO2 eq. and thus 519 GJ of energy was saved.
  • This corresponds to the CO2 emissions produced by 9 medium-class passenger cars per year of their operation. The energy saved by us represents 1 day of electricity consumption for public lighting in the capital city of the Czech Republic.

Our documents from EKO-KOM
Emission savings certificate
Report on participation in the recycling system