About Apotéka


Apotéka brings us products that connect us with the purest beauty of nature. ( Apotéka) It is a combination of modern science, organic ingredients, uncompromising quality, time-tested recipes and the ancient history of herbs that have had known healing properties since ancient times.


Our products are purely organic. We place uncompromising emphasis on the ingredients and their quality that we use in the production of our cosmetics. We grow local herbs ourselves in our eco-gardens in Chářovice, and we source exotic ones (which do not grow in our climate) from certified suppliers in the highest possible quality. We also use organic bee products from the Marada apiary, which rents the habitat of its bees in forests belonging to the Liechtenstein family.


In order to guarantee the most suitable and purest raw materials, we make sure that the timing of collection for processing is correct. Each herb and plant has its own ideal time for harvesting, when it has the most potent effects. Extraction is started immediately after harvesting, when the herb is at its juiciest and has the highest concentration of active ingredients, and all of its essence is preserved in the extract.

The purest organic products

When using cosmetics, we should keep in mind that what is smaller than the pores and comes into contact with the skin penetrates it and enters the bloodstream of our body. So we have to be very careful about what we put on our skin and complexion. Our skin deserves the purest and organic products of the highest BIO quality, just as it deserves to be shown love, tenderness and care every day. Our cosmetics are not to be used with the assumption that our skin and complexion will be beautiful, but as it a big step in learning about care and gaining self-love. That's why we always give you an affirmation card as a gift, so you don't forget to love yourself more.

Our commitment

Our commitment is that we will never compromise the quality of our products. Therefore, it sometimes happens that during a poor harvest, when we do not have enough of a certain herb to produce one of our products and we fail to get that herb to match our quality, production of that product is stopped. Our mission is to bring joy and connect our customers with the purest beauty of nature, tradition, honesty and tenderness. Because the love we feel for ourselves and our bodies is the most beautiful gift of nature.


Nature harbours immense healing power and its power is found in every bit of nature that surrounds us. We women have a lot in common with herbs. Our beauty lies in our fragility and tenderness, but we are strong and can cope with even the most difficult situations. When we show love to herbs, they return it in the form of beauty and health. When we show love to women, they reciprocate with love and care. We draw from pure nature, respect it, and try to learn everything we can from it when making our beauty products. Our products are made with love and respect for nature.

About Apotéka

It all started in 2014 in founder Zuzana Krejčí's kitchen, with a single product that was expected to fail. However, that has changed and grown to include a whole range of skincare, haircare, bodycare and soulcare that is now starting to be sold not only in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, but all over the world. The tradition of our products, the unaltered scents of nature that are not overpowered by perfumery and the uncompromising organic ingredients - bring you into a world where scientifically proven organic quality ingredients combined with the most potent ingredients from nature allow our skin cells to receive the nutrients they need and transform them into their most potent form. Apotéka's legacy of ancient recipes and scientifically proven ingredients are what make it a truly unique experience.


Inspired by the power of nature and the purity of the past. Apotéka seeks out the best organic ingredients and recipes that have a long tradition and proven efficacy. Přírodní zázrak ointment was our first product and recipes like it date back to ancient Egypt, where bee products and oils were part of the most popular beautification rituals. The Elixir mládí a krásy is said to have been first produced by the daughter of an alchemist in 16th century Italy. The recipe combines precious oils and substances that had almost miraculous effects on women of the time. The production process involved placing the elixir in the ground for 3 months, where it drew on the strength of trees for skin strength and life-giving water for moisture. Andělská tvář cream is inspired by a recipe from an 18th century Roman apothecary.

Proven by history

Combining ancient traditions proven by history and new cosmetic innovations, Apotéka brings cosmetics with a long tradition whose effects are preserved and applicable in today's beauty rituals.

Once a small one-product shop, today a house of beauty that brings new products of the purest quality to the world. Apotéka is a fusion of ancient traditions, potent organic ingredients and the true scents of nature, offering a unique experience and gentle whole body care.

Apotéka was born

Zuzana Krejčí was immersed in the world of herbs as a little girl. She grew up by the forest, where she collected herbs and made various ointments from them at home. At that time, it was just a child's boundless curiosity and in communist Czechoslovakia, home-made cosmetics were not unusual. Zuzana's inner childlike curiosity remained and her love of herbs only grew with time. For many years she collected old herbals and books on herbs, which she bought up in antique shops and markets in various corners of the world. As an adult, she was drawn to cosmetics and skin care, but few creams suited her sensitive skin. So she decided to make her own creams and began researching their ingredients. She found that most of the creams she thought were natural were instead sizzling with toxic chemicals. She was so horrified by this that she decided to start making only the highest quality organic cosmetics - not only for herself, but for others as well. And so Apotéka was born.


The philosophy that drives Apotéka and its boundless desire to create new products, innovate and push the possibilities of cosmetics further every day is the knowledge that beauty has no boundaries and that every woman is most beautiful when she loves herself, her skin and her body. The secret of Apotéka is found in the ability to listen. Our constant desire to involve our customers in product development has led to a unique connection that has made Appotéka and its products so well known to our customers. Nothing is impossible. Our team's approach drives us to constantly seek out all the extraordinary things that nature gives us and allows us. Every day we learn, improve and always bring you the best of what we have been able to create together at Apotéka.